2021 CFSN Official Selections

Carrots by Nautic Von Horn, United States
Remnant by Lachlan McClellan, JP Stanley, United States
Small World by Jim Ford, United States
Paperweight by Shawn Tapias, United States
Bloody Mary by Hamé Raeen, France
Anagnorisis  by Arturo Dueñas Herrero, Spain
A Revolver by Oc London, United States
Dinner Break by John Michaels, Korea, Republic of
THESE FOUR WALLS by Dillon Hoffman, United States
Coffee With God by Gabriel Common, United States
Happiness is a $1.25 by Paul Hardway, United States
Vigilant by Michael Allen, United States
Six Foot Under Noise by Sarah Goras Peterson, United States
Night of Blood by Brandon Ladson, United States
Twisted Reverie by Bradley HubbellUnited States
Heel by Maggie Levin, United States
Misandry by Joy Ordonez, United States
Death Offers Life - last moments of Vincent Van Gogh by Saheer Abbas, India
Pageturners: Abridged by Derin George, Luke Piety, United States
218  by Sam Pinnelas, United States
The Other Side of Window by Rafał SICK Skoneczny, Poland
Earn Your Worth by Zach Miller, United States
Night Shift by Joseph Rossi, David Magini, Canada
Over The Moon by Anjani K Pandey, United States
The Only Decision That Counts by Charles Belvin, United States
The Watery Grave by Michael Amerson Jr., United States
Her Place by Gustavo Garcia Solares, Guatemala
Extraneous Matter by Kenichi Ugana, Japan
The Need for Connectivity by William Freund, Max Freund, United States
The Canvas for a Community by Tony Taylor, United States
Funnel of Dreams by Bonnie Silvestri, United States
Fireburn the Documentary by Joel Fendelman, United States
Dust to Dust by Kate E Andersen, United States
THE WILD DIVIDE by Jessica Nicole BRAND, Eric Bendick, United States
Toy Collecting at Echobase Collectibles by Thomas D'Antuono, United States
ELI by Julio MendezUnited States
The Life of Carlos Lara by De'Ja McCray, United States
PALS by Nick Papaterpou, United States
Here, America by Michael M. Sinclair, United States
My Sister by Julio Mendez, United States
VIPER VIRUS History in the Making by Celeste Locante Thorson, United States
Alexander by Alyssa Garoogian, United States
Would Have by Dave Siegel, Pete Groverman, United States
Fear of Flying by Ernie Berger, United States
Ouroboros by Heather Knott, United States
Miles to Go by Zach Tirone, United States
Jane by John Stevenson, United States
The Power of Creativity: Outside the Lines  by Sheryl Carbonell, Molly E. Smith, United States
THE VARMINT! by Daniel Ingram, Alexandra Lobdell, United States
Mr. Theme Music by Jason Land, United States
The Workshop 2.0 by BQ Smooth, Stacey Steele, United States
AtomSteam: The Curse of Ziz by Eric Swain, United States
Secret Santa by Rick Danford, United States
They're Still Here by Gabriel Blanco, United States
Rock & Rolling With The Times by Victor Zimet, United States
Twisted Reverie by Bradley Hubbell, United States
The Missing Dollar by Daniel Hagler, United States
APART by Eliar Tabrizi, United States
X Therapy by Werner Jauch, United States
Wife Killer by Werner Jauch, United States
The Next Stop  by Janice Derosier, United States
When She Flies by Daniel M. Rodriguez, United States
Sharpening the Axe: The Will Grant Story by MyRadar, United States
RITES by Ulbrecht Tomas, United States
Lonesome Wolf by Michael M. Sinclair, United States
What did Derek do? by Chris Krider, United States
1864 by Fernando Tosetti, United States
Lies Inside  by Corey Emanuel Jr.,United States
What Did Frank Do? by David Fernandez, United States
Black Sheep by Max Losson, United States
LOVESICK by Christopher Mays, United States
Technically Amish by Chad Hamel, United States
Dear Hannah by Veronica Tullo, United States
Jailbait by Sophie Gonzalez, Dale Metz, United States
The Monkey's Paw by Nick Luna, United States
They're Still Here by Gabriel Blanco, United States
Feminism: The Fifth WaveMolly E. Smith, United States
Twisted Reverie by Bradley Hubbell, United States
The Fuel by Caleb Cook, United States
When She Flies by Daniel M. Rodriguez, United States
Freshman Year by De'Ja McCray, United States
Five Minutes by Pei-yu Lai, United States
Serpentino by Luis Figueroa Caunedo, United States
Extractor by Jiri Balcar, Czech Republic
For A Living by Bryan Suarez, United States
CEREAL KILLER by Alexandra Archipov by United States

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